Ask Your Municipality to Support the DAMN! Campaign

Step One: Review the Resource Materials

We’ve prepared these materials to help support the request to your Council:

  1. Copy of the Motion for Town of Halton Hills, passed on February 7th
  2. List of municipalities who have passed a similar resolution
  3. DAMN! Campaign Overview
  4. PowerPoint presentation and Speaker’s notes for making a delegation to Council.
  5. The Reform Gravel Mining Coalition statement correcting OSSGA misinformation

You can download and print them once you click the above links. 

Step Two: Make a Plan

  1. Research the rules for your municipal Council for introducing a motion and making delegations to speak to Council in support of a resolution.

    Please Note: Items 1,3 & 5 above were emailed to the Town Clerk of many municipalities on March 24, 2022. One strategy is to ask Council to bring these items from Correspondence on to the main Council Agenda.
  2. Discuss the following:
    • Will the Mayor bring a motion to Council supporting the moratorium?
    • Are there Councillors who will introduce, second, and support the motion?
    • Are there members of the community who support a moratorium and are willing to make a delegation to Council?
    • Is there a local journalist with an interest in this issue, or in environmental issues, who may be interested in a story about the moratorium?
  3. Recruit one or more people in the community to speak at Council in support of the motion

Step Three: Build Support for The Resolution

  1. Contact your Mayor and Councillors
    • Send them an email and include the Halton Hills resolution, the list of municipalities that have endorsed The Resolution and the DAMN! Campaign Overview
    • Follow up with a phone call or meeting
  2. Contact the Media

Step Four: Present to Council

  1. Prepare delegate(s) Option: Include this video in your presentation [YouTube link]

Step Five: Share the Good News

  1. Email us at [email protected] with the results of Council vote
  2. Follow us, tag us, and share the news on social media
  3. Revise the press release to announce the good news and email it to your local news outlets
  4. Celebrate!

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